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A New Kind of Community Market

Gourmet Convenience

Ripe Cooperative is a new kind of market. Housed in the space formerly known as Beast, chef Naomi Pomeroy's award-winning fine dining restaurant, we aim to reconnect home cooks with the joy of cooking and redefine what a sustainable community marketplace looks like today.

We make food in the spirit of dining out –– with the best ingredients, beautiful plating, and perfect timing –– in the comfort of your own home.

Each dish is packed with restaurant-level care, and requires only a few finishing touches from you at home. With help from our detailed instructional materials, you'll master simple techniques to elevate your food, bridging the gap between dining out and getting takeout.


Of course, we'll also have prepared foods ready to take away, and a selection of things we consider essential: good wine, fresh bread, handmade pastas, and specialty pantry items. We carry products we know, love and actually use; the selection changes with the seasons.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our ultimate mission is bigger than the dinner table: Sustainability is about more than just pretty reusable packaging (though we have that, too). We take pride in supporting the vital work of small local farmers and purveyors, and are honored to bring their efforts directly to you in this new format. We're proud of creating a more equitable work structure for our employees, with a profit-sharing model, benefits, and paid time off for all.

We look forward to evolving our work and our offerings to best serve the community. That's why it's called Ripe Cooperative, and that's what we mean when we say we're doing things differently.

Hope to see you in the neighborhood,

Naomi Pomeroy