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Son of Man Sagardo Cider, Columbia River Gorge


Sagardo is the Basque word for cider and it lives up to its name. Bright in lemon rind, slightly tart with wafts of earth and yeast, this cider is first and foremost, clean and pure apple.

Son of Man is the first domestic cider house making Sagardo style cider. In 2016, the couple was introduced to this style of cider, its roots can be found in the Basque region of Northern Spain, and quickly immersed themselves in researching and tasting as many producers as possible. This led to a trip to Spain six months later and upon returning, conceptualized Son of Man. With the help of Guillermo Castaños, a Basque oenologist and cider consultant who works with over 10 cider houses in Spain to improve operations and technical development, they started production in 2018. “Our cider goes with food and has the same energy and desire to make it special going into it as your favorite beer or wine” - we couldn’t agree more! More than 22 Hood River-and Willamette Valley-grown apple varieties go into Sagardo that undergo native fermentation, which is left unfiltered, free of sulfites, and carbonated naturally. 

100% recycled and compostable packaging

Supports small local farmers and purveyors

Cafe Dining

Made in the spirit of dining out

Son of Man Sagardo Cider, Columbia River Gorge