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Cherrywood Smoked Revel Farms Pork Chop

GIANT & incredibly juicy heirloom bone in rib chop (average weight 1lb.)from our friends at Revel Meat Co.

We dry rub the meat with paprika, fennel, garlic and a smidge of brown sugar, and cold smoke it over cherrywood for 25 minutes. 

The result tastes like you grilled it to perfection yourself ! Comes with simple cooking instructions, package to plate in 20 minutes! Finish in the oven or on your grill.

Enjoy it with 2019 Bott Frigyes Hárslevelú skin contact wine.

In-store only

Our café and market have gotten quite busy this season, so we've had to disable online pre-ordering for the time being.

Not to worry, though— our entire inventory is still available in-store. We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces!