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Diaspora Co. Spices


Diaspora source India's freshest, heirloom, and single-origin spices, directly from our partner farms to bring you next level flavor and fragrance! 

Aranya Black Pepper - Grown on the Parameswaran family farm in Kerula, where Parameswaran and his son Akash have been naturally farming pepper for over 35 years, Aranya pepper is vine ripened and hand harvested with utmost care to ensure maximum flavor.

Pragmati Turmeric - Fourth generation farmer Prabhu Kasaraneni watched Youtube videos to so he could grow organic turmeric near the banks of the Krishna river. The heirloom variety Pragati produces a beautifully bright turmeric with floral, earthy flavor.

100% recycled and compostable packaging

Supports small local farmers and purveyors

Cafe Dining

Made in the spirit of dining out

Diaspora Co. Spices