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Cidrerie du Vulcain 'Cidre de Fer' Demi-Sec, Switzerland


A delicate mousse feel, think fruit soufflé, with a hint of citrus and bitters. Gorgeous Cider, incredibly gluggable on a simple level which belies the depth and complexity

Jacques Perritaz was a biologist for the Swiss government when he decided he wanted to swap his pen for some pruning shears and become a wine maker. While working for several producers in his native Switzerland, he started noticing old, abandoned apple trees dotted around the countryside or in clusters of small orchards which were owned by people who had no interest in harvesting the magnificent fruit they produced. His fascination with these trees led to the creation of his small cider production in the Gruyere region in the year 2000. Jacques works totally naturally and with only foraged fruit from these rare trees some of which are over 200 years old. He uses wild yeasts for fermentation, doesn't fine the cider in any way or ever carbonate them.  

100% recycled and compostable packaging

Supports small local farmers and purveyors

Cafe Dining

Made in the spirit of dining out

Cidrerie du Vulcain 'Cidre de Fer' Demi-Sec, Switzerland