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Ayers Creek Jam


Anthony and Carol Boutard’s Ayers Creek Farm near Gaston, Oregon produces food that chefs fight to get. Their organic jams are made without commercial pectin and contain just farm-grown fruit, lemon juice, and a little sugar. 

Green Gage - Golden Gage Plum jam is sweet and aromatic with hints of apricot and vanilla, and goes well with our Seeded Breakfast Toast Bread.

Boysenberry - A cross between European raspberry & blackberry and Loganberry. It's tart, sweet, & floral making it the perfect spread for our mini brioche.

Raspberry - Deep red and delicately flavored, this raspberry jam works equally well on both peanut butter sandwiches and tender jam tarts.

100% recycled and compostable packaging

Supports small local farmers and purveyors

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Made in the spirit of dining out

Ayers Creek Jam