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Shacksbury Cider 'The Vermonter'



The Vermonter is a dry, gin botanical cider made by slowly fermenting apples and adding juniper berries. The resulting cider is homegrown but refined, with a taste of alpine meadows, spring wildflowers, and the Green Mountains themselves. 

Shacksbury is located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, a place rich in agriculture and orchards. Fresh apples were sourced from Sunrise Orchards in Vermont, a longtime orchard partner; Also, they teamed up Caledonia Spirits, makers of Barr Hill Gin, to age the cider in their barrels. The final blend was sweetened with a touch of raw honey from Barr Hill’s hives, made by the hardworking bees of the region. 

100% recycled and compostable packaging

Supports small local farmers and purveyors

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Shacksbury Cider 'The Vermonter'